Impression Of Guangya Exhibition: ''more Than Four, Four Less'' And ''six Highlights''

极品斗地主- Jun 29, 2018-

Impression of Guangya Exhibition: "more than four, four less" and "six highlights"


The national day of Tang Dynasty

Director of China Lighting society semiconductor lighting Specialized Committee

I remember an avant-garde rock star singing a song called "rainbow of wind and rain". To describe this exhibition, it is just the right thing to do.

On the opening day, everyone will greet one another as soon as they meet: How did you come? Director Chen Yansheng said: "flying, but circling seven or eight times in the air. It's a leader and lucky. Many people directly dropped to Shenzhen and Zhuhai. A lot of smart people, such as the High Commissioner, come from high speed rail. Some of those who have higher IQ, such as some foreigners, are actually shipped from abroad.

The rain was passing, and the rainbow came。 Traditional lighting has passed and new lighting has come。 The lighting exhibition will hear many words。 Chen Shaofan, general manager of Guan ya, said: with LED, lighting becomes fun。 His classic desk lamp has been a best seller for 15 years。 Now I have a head turn, and the magic cube is like an ancient color trick。 Asked him to order a few, he said: no goods, have been snapped up, cattle break it!

At Lund Vance's conference, some of the foreigners co staged a "sketch", which is now the most "fun" era of lighting, (130 years on a tungsten filament lamp, later also a few, not interesting); the man said, today, lighting is an exciting time, you still ask him why? He said: Siemens is grandfather, obedient; father is Osram, steady and old; and now Xiaolang, is in a beautiful youth, blood just!

No, no, be serious, get back to it. The organizers of the exhibition really want to say three times: it is very hard to spell, it is very hard to spell. Here, on behalf of Tang Shiyi, thank you!

The exhibition closed smoothly, and was trapped in the airport again。 In my spare time, I do not write white or write, so I have the following impression: more than 4 and four less。

Many and less people


This time it is customary, especially on the first and second days, just like the popular AAAAA spots on vacation. The official big data has not yet been broadcast. I have seen that it has exceeded the historical record and may break the world record. People crowded people, pushed people, hot and hot, although there is no German monument wine, so the flow of people.

But I find that few foreigners, especially the blonde, blue-eyed and white-skinned First World audience, feel "less than a year" and I wonder if that's right? Do we all go abroad to attend exhibitions abroad, deliver goods to the door, and foreigners do not want to see exhibitions?

The number and less of the booth


The booth is full, it is full, and it may break the record again. Now the exhibitors have been shot by guns. A little bit of strength has not taken the booth, it is all specially installed, some also learn international fan, meet here every year!

But I also found that there are few international factories。 A few big names were absent from the group。 Fortunately, Xiao Lang, with German ancestry, is still dressed up in orange。 Xiao Lang plays a big role and is sitting on the throne of the "world's third largest" (1 billion 900 million euros)。 Is it not China's second largest market in the world? Are they the main battleground of them? Why don't you go to the battlefield? Is the booth expensive? Or is it afraid of being "learned"? In addition, there are many large factories in China, but people do not come to exhibits。 Is the "grade not enough" or dismissive? Do you really think about it?!

The number of meetings and fewer meetings


I wonder if there are statistics. How many meetings will there be in the exhibition? It may be said that "the business is busy, countless". The organizers of the conference take the lead in demonstrating every day. All kinds of relevant institutions and manufacturers are rushing to the beach. From the exhibition hall to the surrounding guesthouse, it will be all over the world. There are numerous reports, conferences, seminars, awards conferences and so on.

It is said that a hotel called "Hao" is priced at 380 yuan at night, and it is not an example. But I noticed that, whatever it would be, it was almost "Cara OK", the international organization or advisory body did not come to do the meeting in person. Are they not afraid of "the alley too deep" in the age of "drinking and drinking"?

Many and less products


极品斗地主There are many pavilions and many products. From the light source device to the whole lamp, especially the lamps and lanterns, "beautiful mess".

But when I compare the exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, it seems that something new and refreshing。 All the Internet +, all Al, the pace of intelligent change of lighting seems not too hot and not too fast。 Is it an enterprise worry? Or the secret? Slogans such as "leader" and "leader" often appeared in the past exhibitions were rarely seen。 After all, the core competitiveness is not blown out。

It is not all right to say four or four, but it is only a personal opinion。 Because I think the reform and opening up has been 40th anniversary, and there will be more room for further reform。 As the only annual lighting exhibition in China, it will carry greater responsibilities and more hope。 How to internationalize from localization? How to let the international first-class manufacturers participate in the exhibition? How to show the big factories in China? How can we invite international associations and institutions to host, co operate and hold forums? It is worth studying in depth。

To make the exhibition first-rate and super class is the ideal of a long way to go for the organizers。 Booth is not all good, so that the connotation of the exhibition is richer and more forward-looking。 It should be thought-provoking。 Guangzhou is not Hongkong, nor is it an old town。 It should have higher feelings。 Especially in the case of making full profits, what do you say?

In the front, I wrote "four more and less". Especially from the exhibition, there will be some bright spots, only one day and twenty thousand steps (which can be proved by the deputy general workers of the Qing Dynasty).

Golden and yellow light


It is a new generation of blue-and-gold-free yellow LED street lamp jointly produced by Professor Changjiang Fengyi of Jiangxi Nanchang University and Shenzhen Yao Rong Company. Ding Chang, from Hangzhou's swan goose, said to me, "it's amazing! Young professor Wang Guangxu said: This is led by the industry's silicon based yellow light. Yongzheng said: the whole lamp has reached 110LM/W, and I believe that it will be touted as soon as it is launched.

Solar like light


"Seoul" is the first choice for lighting. This is a slogan I made for them when I went to Seoul company 6 years ago. I went to Samsung by mistake, so there was another world of "use Samsung, rest assured", and now it is getting better and better. From the Frankfurt exhibition, Seoul was "hoarse" and this time it was only a copy. All optical spectrum is not a nominal noun, but used for modern lighting.



This is a highlight of the exhibition. Hongli has the truth of the picture and tens of millions of sales a year. The 100% golden line known as the sunrise photoelectricity, only a year, jumped to the forefront of the industry, and in Changan built a new factory, in order to benefit long term stability, rising sun. The general manager of Liang Fubo, who listened to "crystal energy, is able," said that UV-A might be the top of the list with the vertical advantages of silicon based on chips to devices. What is the cause? UV-C does not seem to progress very fast, is it partly absent from the Chinese Academy of Sciences or Qingdao Jason has not arrived? I'm still looking forward to it. Japan and LG are also ashamed to see people, and do not show their faces.


When I was in office in S, I had taken the lead in "leading", and I haven't made great breakthroughs because of price and so on. After a few years of silence, this is a leap. CSP has bought the equipment and is in short supply. Set the technology of "Korea, Japan and China" in a three-dimensional 5 face CSP, is even more staggering, cost-effective performance comparable to 2835. Cheng Shengpeng, a fat man who is good at "strange tricks" at the exhibition, played with a flower head again because his products were favored by big companies.



The star seems to have, I didn't look at it carefully. I still admire the miniLED of Shandong Jing Tai star. The inventor was Li Shaoli. In his early years, he worked in COTCO, LED Huangpu Military Academy for many years, and set up four groups of RGB on a pedestal. It's really a perfect match to make a micro - spaced display screen. The main technology is simplicity, reliable quality, convenient user and high reliability.

Automobile lighting


Walking into the 10。2 pavilions is almost full of eyes。 My old CREE, even though the booth was not so obvious, had to turn around in order to attract attention。 In particular, the newly launched XD16, used in the aftermarket market, has a backwardness advantage。 In China, when the crystal energy is represented, their white CSP is smaller and easier to assemble。 Especially in the direction of strong use of extreme advantages。 Other slightly powerful packaging factories have suddenly awakened recently, and have "started to rise"。 I laugh sometimes, this lamp, I have dabbled more than 10 years ago。 At that time, apart from OSRAM, it was Hong Li。

Of course, what plant lighting (newly added ultraviolet)? Human due to HCL? Health lighting? And Chengxi uses graphene as a lampshade to speed up heat dissipation, and Jingtaixing applies it to metal brackets (cooling 6 degrees) for filament lamps and so on.

In fact, if you have time, if you have a fixed force, you will find a "new continent", as Luo Dan said, "the world is not lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery," after all, the high hands are in the "factory"。 I am very old and slow in response。 I only have the ability not to do everything from my heart。 I want to ask the official not to hesitate to correct me。

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